Reading Michael Jackson’s life information across the years, I had the chance to get into some documents that had always been available to the press and journalists but were never revealed to the public or selective divulged. There are crucial testimonies that help form a better opinion concerning MJ and his financial twists and turns directly connected with his intellectual property.

Surprisingly, the fandom has increased dramatically since MJ passed away, and I found young and very awake people eager to know as much as possible about him.

I have just started running this new blog to publish the research and information acquired about his finance and intellectual property and archive news.

It’s not the gospel or the truth about Michael Jackson – there are already plenty of blogs claiming it – it is just a simple explanation of documents that highlight the misinformation in which we live in and add some pieces to the big puzzle of his life.

Going through the documents of the countless lawsuits that persecuted, buttered, and anguished the last years of Michael Jackson’s life, it’s clear that these papers tell us a different story from what the media have told us while MJ was alive and also after he died, especially from the financial point of view.

I offer some facts and numbers about Michael Jackson’s finances in the blog entries, highlighting a man of power, confident, strong-willed. With many strengths and weaknesses. Like all human beings. Surely Jackson was not the guy pictured by mainstream journalists, with no critical thinking or, at best, only goes so far. That’s the problem with journalism today; it led into various sheep pens of opinion and “choice.”

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